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My name is Jason Alexander Low. I'm 34 years old, and I work as a firefighter/EMT/911 dispatcher. In my off time, I'm an anime/manga fan, as well as a fan of rally racing, computers, role play gaming, PS2 gaming, radio scanning, and a myriad of other things.

Getting hold of me is fairly easy. I encourage you to send me an email about anything related to this site or my writing. I'll try to answer everyone I can. (Due to misuse, I regret to say I'm not comfortable with inviting anyone new to talk to me on any instant messaging programs. Sorry.)

My email address is as shown in the box below:

About the Stories

I have explored several methods of publishing stories and several different media for displaying them. At this point, for a number of different reasons, I'm content with this website, and an ASCII (plain text) format for my stories.

Plain text is what I write in - no fancy WYSIWYG word processors, or other such beasts. In fact, I also create the website the same way (in a text editor, I mean). As for writing styles, I don't mean to imply that my method is better than anyone else's. It's just the way I do things. I find I can still do stressed words and phrases (i.e., what you'd see done in italics, etc) just fine with my method.

I use a text editor known as GNU Emacs for my purposes. It's freely downloadable and available for many operating systems, including all flavors of Windows, UNIX, Linux, etc. It is very powerful and will most likely not disappoint you if you give it a shot.

Here are some of the conventions I use in case you aren't familiar with them:

If I write a word in ALL CAPS, that implies a stressed phrase, kind of like using italics or bold in a "rich text" environment.

"Double quotes" around a phrase indicate someone is speaking. 'Single quotes' are used for any other place quotes might be used, or when one character is quoting another (as two sets of double quotes within one another can get messy).

To indicate that a character is thinking something to themselves (and to the reader, of course), I use curved brackets. Imagine them as the edges of a 'thought balloon' in a comic book type format.

(plus 20,000+ at previous site)

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