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Stories have been written for a number of different worlds/realms/fandoms/etc:

EvangelionStories based on the groundbreaking anime/manga series by Hideaki Anno.
Azumanga DaiohStories based on the wildly successful anime/manga series by Azuma Kiyohiko.
Love HinaStories based on my favorite particular anime/manga created by Ken Akamatsu.
Gold DiggerAll my fanfics based on Gold Digger and its variants live here (including my spinoff series, etc).
You're Under ArrestBased on the anime/manga series by Kousuke Fujishima.
All OriginalAnything I wrote that's an all-original work will be in this section.
MiscellaneousThings which don't fit into the above categories will be in this section.

(plus 20,000+ at previous site)

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