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01 January 2007

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Series: Minus Stories and Regular Series Stories
Cheetah's StoryMy own take on how the Diggers family came to be with young Britanny. (Note: contradicts existing GD issues)
Hello, Cheetah!20 years ago, young toddler Gina learned something very surprising about her adopted infant sister, Britanny. So did Britanny, too!
The Little Cheetah GirlDao's wish-granting ability lets Britanny relive a memorable Christmas from years gone by.
Fairy Tale EndingsTheodore Diggers finds it difficult to console his kids after their mother was banished from Earth in a magic accident not long before. He tries one more time to locate his wife, and finds her in the last place he'd expect.
The SitterBrianna has an accident with a light-gate teleporter and finds herself in her family's past. No one recognizes her, of course. What's worse, Theo thinks she's there to watch the kids while he goes out on business..
Coming of AgeBritanny Diggers, junior high student, finds herself undergoing a startling change! Luckily, her family and friends are there for her.
Enter Stage LeftBritanny Diggers and her friend Danielle Carter determine that an 'accident' that ruined the school play's rehearsal was actually sabotage. What can they do before the culprits strike again? Perhaps a crimefighting duo is what they need..
Shadow PuppetsJust after Britanny's wedding, a crisis is discovered on Jade. Everyone who is able turns out to help, but can they stop the baffling rage and insanity from overtaking the entire mystical realm?
Borrowed DreamsFor her wedding, Britanny was given a magical photo album that lets the user relive the photos inside for a fleeting moment. What if Britanny isn't the one using the album, though?
HouseguestsBrianna is off to the beach with her sisters. You know what they say, though - when the boss is away, the Peebos will play!
My Golden ValentineEx-Priestess Tanya intends to ruin Stripe's Valentine gift to Cheetah. Pee Wee gets involved, too, and everything gets turned on its end!
ScrapbookJulia Diggers is cleaning out the basement of the mansion when she comes across an old videotape with her name on it. Videotapes came into use while she was banished to another dimension, though. What's on it? Sit down with her and find out..
StringsAn X-Files crossover. Mulder is preparing to investigate the sighting of some very strange folk in Atlanta, when his case is noticed by someone very high up in the organization.
Ticket to RideBritanny Diggers has a little problem. It seems the local police have a speed camera now - 'photo radar', as they put it. Guess who got their picture taken while they were jogging!
ConnectionsBrianna feels left out of both her sisters' circles of friends. She realizes she still barely has an identity of her own; she's just leeching friends and hobbies from her sisters. When she goes out to blow off some steam as a result, she finds her life taking an interesting turn.
All That GlittersGina finds the most curious thing in an adventuring magazine: A story about her having been to a place she's never heard of. Is she losing her mind, or is something else afoot?
SparkSheila and Tirga of the Edge Guard are caught in a ravine while trying to help fight a forest fire. By the time the blockade is cleared, more than the trees could be aflame..
Gone BattyBrianna and Raphiel are both kids at heart. It's Hallowe'en, and they intend to go out and trick-or-treat, and have fun! However, someone else has other plans..
3 Ghosts, No WaitingGina Diggers is upset over the holiday season because of the events in her past at this time of year. She doesn't have the holiday spirit in her, and her dearly departed grandfather stops in to tell her she's going to have a few ghosts visiting her this evening..
Quack Experimental Fanfic: Gold DiggerAn Excel/Gold Digger crossover! Excel and Hyatt are sent to Atlanta during the height of fishing season!
Series: Doubled Up/GD Half/World Tour
Doubled Up/GD Half/World TourSeveral connected story arcs inside. Everything from Pee Wee Talon creating the perfect rival for Britanny to Ryan finding out what it's like on the other side of the fence is here!
Series: Dimension Out Of Range
Note: DOOR contains some references to stories written long ago, which have some elements that.. how do I explain this? I wrote a story series that ran in the same universe as a majorly popular fanfic series in the early 1990s. That story series contained the characters that ultimately become the prime characters in DOOR. I've been asked to not offer for wide release the stories that shared that universe. I understand and appreciate the sentiments of the people who made that request - I wouldn't want to see my characters in use somewhere else. My feelings, though, is that while the primary characters' past lives play a big part in the story of DOOR, the connections to the earlier stories and the borrowed characters in question is only a periperhal link. I'm rather proud of the other elements of the DOOR series, as I think it's some of my best original writing to date. If the owners of these characters could be as understanding about that fact as, for example, Fred Perry and other career storytellers have been about theirs, I would be greatly appreciative! Thank you. :)
Dimension Out of RangeTwo friends from another reality (and another SI story series of mine) fall unceremoniously into the Gold Digger universe. They try to find a way to fit in and survive.
DOOR: DeliberationsAn Interlude cut from the above story. Gina and her sisters try to decide what to do with their visitors.
DOOR: Fade to GreyMemories of a long, long forgotten life flood back as the Diggers sisters and their new friends try to deal with a situation they're facing.
DOOR: The Truth is In HereAn Interlude. One of the realms that Jason and Brian departed has retooled itself as if they never existed there.. but that is about to change - yet again.
DOOR: Warm FrontAgain, the past comes back to visit our friends as they encounter something that shouldn't exist in this world.
DOOR: FirstsBrianna undergoes a startling change.. Jason uncovers even more of his past lives.. and Gina and Brian find something else to occupy their time with.
DOOR: Alone TogetherOut of boredom, Jason and Brianna decide to chase a story reported in a supermarket tabloid. After it's all over, they make a decision regarding their relationship - working, and otherwise.
DOOR: Ex FilesIt becomes evident that the phenomenon that brought Jason and Brian here brought some other stuff along with it. Why are they so worried about what they find?
DOOR: Past PresenceIn trying to explore the artifacts discovered, Brianna and Jason get sent to another realm. Is this the end - have they Jumped, like Jason and Brian did to start this all off? Actually, Theodore and Julia Diggers have a theory on what happened.
DOOR: All The MarblesGina figures out the riddle to one of the biggest finds - or biggest practical jokes, depending on who you ask - of the archaeology world. Everyone gets together one more time to help her find out what's to find at the site.
DOOR: OvertureBrian and Jason come to the realization that they're now mortals - no longer jumping, and no longer coursing with the magical elixir that gave them extended life. They decide something must be done..
DOOR: Finding TimeAfter the events of the previous story, the two couples now get an unusual request for them to tackle an adventuring job, in the far north.
DOOR: AfterthoughtJason goes in for some surgery to install an advanced technological implant that everyone else has had for a while, but he's always been wary of. Are his fears validated?
DOOR: The GiftWhat reason would Julia and Theo Diggers have to be pacing worriedly about a hospital?
DOOR: Now and AlwaysBrianna and Jason encounter something awful at a friends' wedding. What effect will this have on them? Could it really be the end of their relationship?
Series: When Destinies Collide
When Destinies CollideA little SI series about an alternate Brianna coming into our world.
When Personalities CollideBrianna starts to exhibit some strange behavior. What could be causing it, and how can it be dealt with?
When Everything CollidesEver hear how something is too good to be true? This is the case, unfortunately, here.

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